– Jax Austin

Adventure addict Jax Austin quit his job, sold his car, and got rid of his apartment + belongings to hit the road as a daily travel vlogger in a pimped out school bus. He converted โ€œDan the Adventure Bus” into a customized off-the grid + eco-friendly tiny home adventure mobile. He tries to be as interactive as possible, inviting all nearby fans to join him as he goes #JaxAcrossAmerica. With ~200k Social Media followers, Jax has a considerable head start to a successful YouTube channel, and huge exposure for partnerships and collabs.

The formula is simple: To be the most interactive + inclusive channel as possible, by meeting as many fans + followers in cities large and small, and letting them be the tour guide.
One video per day. One tour/collab per day. One week per state. 365 chances to meet people.

Want Me To Work For You?

Want Me To Work For You?

– Happy Clients

Virgin Mobile, AM Solar, Yoga Bed, Naked Juice, Dairy Management Inc., Kia, Charles Schwab, LAX, LA Metro ๐Ÿ™‚